Open Daily for Dine in & Curbside Takeaway 

September Features:


Lobster Rangoon

Made from scratch with real lobster meat, cream cheese, green onions, and fresh garlic. Served with raspberry Thai chili sauce and soy glaze. 

Goat Cheese Pancetta Filet

Crispy pancetta blended with goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and fresh basil broiled over a USDA Choice Filet. Garnished with our balsamic reduction. Served with your choice of side salad or side item. 

Kentucky Envy

Angel's Envy bourbon, homemade sweet and sour mix, peach liqueur, angostura aromatic bitters. 

The Rack House 

A Rack House, by definition, is a warehouse which distillers use to store and age their hundreds and thousands of barrels of these wonderful libations.  We have also started the first Bourbon Society on the Gulf Coast which brings its members together to share their love of the various bourbons, ryes, whiskeys and scotches which don our shelves.  We have decorated the restaurant to capture the look and feel of a Rack House and hope you enjoy the terrific ambiance it creates.

Click on the link below to purchase Gift Cards for The Rackhouse through our sister restaurant's website The Half Shell Oyster House. Our gift cards are valid at either of our restaurants.